Monday, February 21, 2011

Government Shutdown - I Was 15 in 1995

And I remember those cold, scary days when the federal government was shut down.  One of my most traumatic experiences was being molested by a federal convict who was released as a result of the shutdown.  After that molestation and on my way home from school, I was brutally beat by a gang of marauding Mexicans who were on the loose because the border was wide open with the shutdown. 

And when I finally made it home, tired and bleeding, weeping uncontrollably from what I'd been through, I found I didn't have a home.  The U.S.'s defense had been shut down because of the shutdown, and my home town in rural Virginia was destroyed by the Chinese People's Army. 

I've spent the past 16 years trying to recover from those events in late 1995 and early 1996 . . .

Actually, none of that is true at all.  The government shut down and you know what happened - not a whole lot!  Honestly, if there weren't people talking about it on the news 24/7 I'm not sure anyone would have noticed. 

I've been feeling a real disconnect from Washington Republicans as I here about how concerned they are about a shutdown.  I think they completely missed the lesson they should have learned from the 2010 elections:

The federal government discontinuing all non-essential services is not a short-term problem, its the long term goal.

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