Friday, February 25, 2011

Larry Sparks - I'd Like to Be a Train

Get it here: I'd Like To Be A Train

Larry Sparks is like a white soul singer who sings bluegrass.  It sounds weird when you say it that way, but its actually really great. 

This song is actually isn't the best example of what people think of when they think Larry Sparks.  For that, try this one: John Deere Tractor.  But what this song is is a really fun, fast bluegrass song sung by a guy with an A caliber voice, which unfortunately is a little rare.  Whenever you hear somebody with a voice this good singing traditional bluegrass or bluegrass honky tonk, buy everything you can. 

Killer Line - "Cause trains don't have no heart to break, and they don't feel no pain"

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