Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where Am I Supposed to Get an Extra $127K?

I can't really complain about my own financial circumstances.  I'm well off enough that the wolf is not exactly at the door.  But I also don't really have an extra $127K lying around.   As a U.S. taxpayer, that's my share of the federal government's debt as of right now. 

Where exactly am I supposed to get $127K?  Should I put that before my kids' education?  How can I take a vacation this year knowing that not only do I owe that much, but that it just keeps on growing with no end in sight. 

There's been a lot of talk today about the president's proposed budget, which would add to that burden.  Liberals in Washington are already accusing conservatives of being immoral for opposing all of the increased spending in that budget. 

Have we gone completely to loo-loo land?  Somebody needs to shake these weirdos and say "for goodness sake guys, $127 thousand dollars!  Where do you think that's coming from.  You're right that its a moral issue."

How is it that you guys think you can stick me up for $127K, send the money to a bunch of programs I didn't want, many of which fund things that I believe are deeply disgusting and immoral, and then lecture me on ethics? 

Have I said $127K enough yet?  Sorry, end of rant.

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